Electric Scooter Rental Lime Bird Review

I have an electric scooter, but I cannot always rely on it to travel since I have had a few terrible experiences. One was when I wanted to reach my office earlier than the regular time because I had a meeting to conduct. My scooter betrayed me at the very moment and did not start.

I traveled through public transport, taking more time, and I reached the office late. Also, right now, I cannot afford to buy a new scooter. I need to manage with this scooter until I am stable enough to get a new one. Earlier, I used to face difficulty, as I just mentioned, whenever my scooter decided not to start.

Then, I learned about the electric scooter rental companies named Lime and Bird. These companies rent you scooters at reasonable prices. Whenever I face difficulty with my scooter, I take one on rent. The best thing about these rental companies is that their electric scooters are always ready to use.

Below explained are an Electric Scooter Rental Lime Bird Review that will be helpful to understand better about these companies and the kind of scooters they rent.

Electric Scooter Rental Near Me

Electric Scooter Rental Near Me

The electric scooter rental lime bird are now just a click away, considering how science has evolved. Whenever I need to book an electric scooter for rent, I open google and write in the search bar the phrase “electric scooter rental near me” and get so many suggestions. The google search shows a lot of different rentals, and I have the option of choosing the one that attracts me the most.

There is a complete detail of each rental with their names, address, contact number, opening and closing time, etc. There is also the website of every rental from where I can get complete information. Also last but not least, Google Maps are also there that guides you directly to all the rentals near you.

Lime Scooter Price

The Lime Scooter price lies somewhere between $499 to $599, but the people willing to take this scooter for rent do not have to worry about the actual price. They only have to pay the amount that depends on their travel distance.

The benefit of the Electric Scooter Rental Lime Company for the person who wishes to take on rent a scooter is that the conditions of these scooters are never poor. They are always up to date and look new no matter what.

Bird Scooter Rental

Bird Scooter Rental is an easy means for a person who wants to take a ride but does not have a vehicle. He can always avail himself of this option of Bird Scooter Rental, from where he can get a scooter temporarily and return it as soon as he is done with his work by paying a particular amount to the company.

Bird Electric Scooter Rental Cost

This Electric Scooter Rental Lime Bird Review give you complete guidance on how much these companies rent and the complete method. Bird Electric Scooter Rental Cost is not a very large amount of money because the company wants you to take advantage of their vehicles and, in return, pay them some amount. Below explained is the bird scooter rental cost.

Bird Scooter Fee

First, you have to pay a small amount of money to unlock the scooter, and you cannot use it before unlocking it. This unlocking fee is usually around $1 and not more than that.

Bird Scooter Rental

Bird Scooter Rental

Standard Bird Scooter Trip Price

Commonly, a person uses a Bird scooter for about 15 minutes each trip. The trip will probably value at 3 dollars and 25 cents when you provide the unlocking fee.

Standard Bird Scooter Cost Each Minute

The standard value of riding a Bird Scooter for one minute is 15, which may differ area-wise. In some cities, Bird may offer a lesser price than this, and in other cities, even more than this.

An Hour Cost of Bird Scooter

If the rider rides the scooter for the standard 15 cents rate and has already provided the unlocking fee, he will have to pay $10 for an hour of use.

Other Bird Scooter Fee

The bird scooter rental may also want you to pay the following fees in case of any below-mentioned situations.

First Fee

The first fee is what you have to pay if the company owners think you have stolen their scooter. If the scooter is not returned to its place within 48 hours, it is considered stolen, and the user is charged the first fee of $500. If, for some reason, the user cannot return the scooter after 24 hours and it is not considered stolen, they may have to pay $25.

Pickup Fee

The pickup fee of $5.99 is determined if the ride ends on personal estate, making it impossible for a charger or fellow rider to discover the scooter. In such a case, the rider can be charged $120.

If the rules and regulations are followed strictly, and as they are, there will be no need for the rider to worry about these extra fees. They have to be on time while returning the scooter and try their best not to park their scooters in inaccessible areas.

Lime Scooter Rental

Lime Scooter Rental

The Lime Scooter Rental is all for the ease of its consumers and works in the following way:

Lime Scooter Fee

To unlock the Lime scooter, a small amount of money needs to be paid, that is $1.

Lime Scooter Cost Per Minute

According to a few websites, Lime costs $.15 for one minute, which may vary from city to city and market to market. In New York, the cost of one minute is $.30; in Chicago, it is $.39 and $.19 in some areas; in San Francisco, it is $.29; hence the average cost per minute is to some extent higher than the standard $.15.

An Hour Cost of Lime Scooter

For one hour, the Lime scooter will cost you $9 with an unlocking fee of $1, which makes $10.

Monthly Subscription

Lime newly made public a subscription plan where you have to pay $5.99 monthly. The benefit of getting this subscription is that you do not have to pay the unlocking fee once you subscribe to it. So, this other lime scooter price option is excellent for you if you ride a lime scooter more than six times a month.

Lime Day Pass

Lime Day Pass is another option of payment for riders. For a lump sum fee of $14.99, Lime Day Pass riders can have as many rides as they want for 24 hours, each 30 minutes long.

Other Lime Scooter Fee Charges

Riders may also have to pay any of the following fees if they fail to follow the guidelines and rules and regulations set by Lime Company.

  • If the Lime Scooter is found to be damaged or stolen, then the rider will have to pay an amount of $1,500.
  • Another amount you may have to pay due to your carelessness is the Pickup fee if you park the scooter at an unreachable place. For example, if you lock it in your garage or park it on private property. The pickup fee is up to $120, depending on the situation.

Scooter Rental App

Scooter Rental App

There are scooter rental apps both for Lime and Bird companies. Through this Electric Scooter Rental Lime Bird Review, you will be able to run the apps and get information about how these apps work. The app name for Lime Company is Lime – You Ride Anytime.

To rent a scooter by the Lime app, you have to install the app on your phone and then open it. You will create your account, and then you will be shown the map screen showing all the Lime company scooters available in your locality. If you cannot discover a vehicle in your desired area, you need to zoom out a bit and check for the vehicle in a comparatively wider area.

On the other hand, the Bird Company has an app called Bird-Ride Electric. Both Bird and Lime apps work almost the same way. In Bird also, you need to open the app on your phone and look for the nearest vehicles with the help of a map. Once you get hold of the scooter, scan the Bird’s QR code with the help of an app and enjoy your ride.

City Scooter Rental

These two City Scooter Rental Companies provide you with great comfort and ease. They make you feel independent and are also budget-friendly. These companies, Bird and Lime, charge you a reasonable amount and trust you with their vehicles.

Taking scooters for rent from these companies when needed is never a bad idea. All you need to do is ride safely in a way that does not harm either you or your rented scooter.

Electric Scooter Rental Companies

The Electric Scooter Rental Companies coordinate with the people needing a scooter. The vehicles from both the companies Lime and Bird are never found to be faulty. They can go a long way for as much time as possible.

These companies guarantee your safety in a way that they keep their vehicles always ready to be used. They want the same from their customers and make sure that they do not delay returning the scooters after they are done with using them or do not cause any damage to them. If they do, the riders are charged a particular amount.

All of this is done to secure the scooters and make sure that they are available to be used anytime a person wants them. These electric scooter rental lime bird companies are run with a lot of effort. The owners and people in charge have to take care of everything. They have an eye on all the scooters and the riders.

They know if the scooter is damaged, stolen, or is parked in some area where it should not be. They have complete knowledge of all the related matters.

Fastest Rental Scooter

It is almost impossible to decide whether Lime or Bird scooters are faster. Both have incredible speeds and please customers equally. It is somehow believed that Bird scooters are faster than Lime scooters. But there is no assurance of this since I have seen people who believe in Bird’s fast speed take it on rent and the others who opted for Lime.

The people with Lime scooters take over the Bird ones at times. So, there is no one fixed answer as to which one of them is the fastest rental scooter. Different people have different experiences with scooters from both companies.

Some people experience that Lime surpasses the asserted 14mph. Others say that Bird is faster than Lime having an average 12.6 mph speed, while that of Lime, according to them, is 11.4 mph. Both are great on their own and have the fastest speeds, so they are the first choice of many people worldwide.

Bird and Lime; Rental Electric Scooters for Adults

Bird and Lime Rental Electric Scooters for Adults

Both the companies, Bird and Lime, are no lesser than each other in bringing comfort to their customers. Their scooters are customer-friendly, comfortable, and well maintained that you can always rely on for your outdoor activities. These Electric Scooters for adults rental are designed in a way that does not require hard and extra effort from customers.

The whole procedure of renting the scooter is pretty easy, and there is no rocket science. Anyone can have access to these scooters by paying a pretty reasonable amount. Thus, these Bird and Lime Rental Electric Scooters are ideal for an adult who does not want to delay his work because he cannot afford to do so.

In the presence of these two Bird and Lime, even if you do not have a scooter of your own, you never feel it that much as these two are always ready to be with you whenever you want and make you feel like their actual owner. Adult life is not easy; it requires you to be more productive, attentive, and ready to be taking any risks.

When you rent scooters from these two companies, you at least get burden free from thinking about your means of traveling because you always know Bird and Lime always get your back.

Where to Rent an Electric Scooter?

You got ready for the office, but your vehicle ditched you at the last moment? No problem, Lime and Bird rental companies have got you covered. You are just a click away to be getting new, up-to-date scooters with a tremendous outer appearance that fulfills your purpose of traveling and makes people stop and stare at you wherever you go.

One of the best things about Bird and Lime is that they get scooters keeping in their minds customers’ needs. It is easy for them to buy just any scooter, but they do not just buy any of it. Even though they do not have to ride these scooters themselves, they still pay attention to even the tiny details.

Bird Lime Scooter Charger

Both Bird Lime scooter charge in a particular way. The ways of charging both are as follows:

Charger for Bird Scooters

People responsible for charging Bird scooters are called Chargers. These chargers are in charge of collecting scooters every evening, charging them, and then distributing them again the following day. This is the ‘chargers’ job, and they are paid for it. The method by which they charge scooters is described below:

Perfect-Surface for Charging

First, they ensure that the surface is not carpeted and suitable for the scooter’s charging. The perfect surface to charge a Bird is a garage or concrete surface.

Safety Measures

To make the Bird scooter charge properly, the chargers ensure enough space and ventilation to avoid the overheating scooter. Also, the chargers ensure that while they charge Bird, nothing else is charging along with it, so the power is not divided and is entirely given to Bird.

Power Supplies

When the onboarding process is completed through the option of ‘Become a Charger’ in the menu, there will be sent to you three power supplies. There is a chance for you to get more power supply if needed when you message the ‘Help’ option while in Charging Mode.

All you need to charge the Bird is a Bird Power Cord and a Bird Power Supply. Join the Power Cord to a wall socket and the Power Supply to start charging. Then, it would help if you plugged the Power Supply Cable into the Bird’s charging input, which is placed on the left side of the riding deck to the forepart of the Bird. If you get a Bird whose handlebars have lost the grip, you can use the Allen Key to tighten them, which is in the Welcome Kit.

Signal Lights

When the Bird is charging, a red light on the power supply indicates it. The red light turns green when the Bird is fully charged, indicating complete charging.

How to Check Battery Level?

There is an option called ‘My Task’ where the battery’s percentage shows. You can go there to ensure that the battery is charged enough for you to take a ride.

Charger for Lime Scooters

People responsible for fulfilling the duty of charging the scooters in Lime Company are called Juicers. These juicers collect scooters every night at 9 pm and charge them afterward.

To charge Lime Scooters, the Scooter charger should be plugged into a wall socket. Make sure if you want to charge more than one scooter at a time, you have consulted an electrician to provide you with the required electrical capacity so that the location where you are charging stays safe. Then the charging cord is plugged into the scooter on the scooter stem. In case of charging, the red light will be there, and as soon as the battery is wholly charged, the light will turn green from red.

The Bird and Lime Scooter chargers are almost similar, and also both the types of vehicles are charged similarly.

How much are the Scooters to Rent?

In this Electric Scooter Rental Lime and Bird Review, I have explained the prices you will have to pay if you opt for any of the two rental services; Bird and Lime. After reading the full article, all your problems regarding how much the scooters are to rent will be answered.

The prices are not too high and vary slightly from city to city. There was a slight rise in the prices of both Bird and Lime Scooters in March. If you want to ride a Bird scooter in Indianapolis, you must pay $1 plus 29 cents for one minute.

A Bird representative said the cost ranges from 10 cents to 33 cents each minute, depending on the city. Bird increased its prices in March after charging 15 cents each minute, initially. In contrast, if you want to ride a Lime scooter in Indianapolis, it costs $1 plus 27 cents for a minute. In March, Lime initially elevated its prices after charging 15 cents per minute like Bird.

In this Electric Scooter Rental Lime and Bird Review, the reader must not have some but a whole idea about how this scooter rental system works, their costs per minute, per hour, unlocking cost, and the extra fee. After reading this article thoroughly, he must be able to learn how to charge these electric vehicles efficiently and effectively without causing any harm. Both Lime and Bird Rental Companies are doing a fantastic job and ask for the lowest possible amount from their customers so that anyone can use the scooters easily for their benefit.

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