Electric Unicycles Buying Guide (Full Features Overview)

I am an expert unicyclist. I have consumed great products in which some were the cheap electric unicycles and some were a bit expensive. From my point of view, the Unicycle electric version is the best solo mobility option.

Youngsters fetch all the benefits of the best electric unicycles for beginners, but mature people can use electric unicycles for adults. This article will show you electric unicycle guides and unicycle buying guides. Do you know how to choose a unicycle for your riding?

First of all, you need to know how do I choose an electric unicycle. I always select the fastest speed because I am an expert. I go for the perfect features for my safety and protection. Plus, my vehicle must be one of the cool unicycles. RideOnElectric search for electric unicycle prices, then order the elite unicycle electric characterized.

Personally, I am a big supporter and promoter of EVs. As a traveler, I always carry my electric ride to keep journey comfortable anywhere in the world. I came here online on this platform to give you my personal experience and other user’s reviews of all used products.


Steps To Follow

How to Choose a Unicycle?

You have a lot of variety to choose from the powered unicycles in the market. There are some points to keep in mind when you have the money to buy it.

How to Choose a Unicycle
  1. Go for a cheap electric unicycle if you are a beginner.
  2. Read the reviews of the users on the internet.
  3. Choose the self-balancing electric unicycle guide.
  4. Select a powerful motor vehicle for a better experience
  5. Always buy the products from a trusted platform.
  6. Choose among the powered unicycles with the all-terrain tire.
  7. The tire must be large and wide to give the perfect grip.
  8. The best cheap electric unicycle should have less charging time.
  9. The pedals must be more expansive and give you a full grip under the feet.
  10. Durability is mandatory for electric unicycle buy.
  11. The fast speed and its adjustment are the additional features.
  12. Cool unicycles are the best pick for lively people.
  13. Portability will enhance the usability of the powered unicycles.
  14. Low maintenance will add up its favoritism. 
  15. Keep your eye on the load capacity of the electric unicycle.

By following the above points you will get the best electric unicycle at your doorstep.

Price Analysis

How Much Does a Unicycle Cost?

Buy an electric unicycle with confidence and within your budget!

  • Electric unicycle prices may vary from brand to brand. I purchased the cheap electric unicycle is only $365 that was X-3 Electric Self Balance Unicycle.
  • 9bot one A1 Electric Unicycle has a reasonable price of $499.
  • INMOTION is the best provider of electric unicycles. Its unicycle electric-powered features are designed with advanced technology that fulfills modern transportation needs.
  • The INMOTION electric unicycle prices range from $500- $2200. The price ranges are reasonable because of providing the best quality in the vehicles.

What Size Unicycle Should I Get?

What Size Unicycle Should I Get

The most important question is that what size unicycle should I buy. If you are 12 years old, you can go from 12 inches wheel to 20 inches wheel.

20 inches to 36 inches wheels may be considered the best electric unicycles for adults. 20 inches wheel is perfect for riding on smooth grounds. It can be the best choice for BMX riders and acrobats.

24 inches wheel is good to be used on all terrain. It requires getting the balance firmly. You can measure the length of your legs for the perfect fit of the size of an electric unicycle. 

How to Buy an Electric Unicycle?

Buying an electric unicycle may need a lot of time to research because of the variety of products present in the market. You can get different sizes and brands of the unicycle. First of all, you need to know whether you can balance your weight on a single-wheel vehicle. Then select your favorite style electric unicycle and select the wheel’s size smartly.

When you want to order it on Amazon, you can select the buy now button and place your order. If you buy an electric unicycle on E-wheels, you have to keep a deposit of some amount to E-wheels in advance, and then you can order your product when you get it home, then you can clear the dues.

Top Brands Electric Unicycles Comparison

Veteran ShermanINMOTION V8F Electric Unicycle,INMOTION V11INMOTION V5 Electric UnicycleINMOTION V10 F Electric Unicycle
Speed45MPH22mph31mph12.4 mph24.8 mph
Weight77lb40 lbs‎ 60lbs24 Lbs20.6 lbs
Load Capacity330 lbs265 lbs265 lbs365 lbs260 pounds
Motor12500 W1000 W2200 W450 W2000 W
Battery3200 WH518 WH1500 WH160 WH710 WH
Charging time6 hrs4.5hours8 hrs1.5 hrs8 hrs
Tire Size20 inches off road16x 2.125”18x 3”14 inches16x 2.5 inches
Climbing angle20 degrees25 degrees35 degrees18 degrees30 degrees
Retractable handleTrolleyBuilt in handleFold up handleAluminum handleHinged
USB charging plugDual input charging portYesDual charging portYesYes
Bluetooth SpeakerYesYesYesYesYes
Atmospheric LED lightsNoYesNoYesCircular
LCD screenYesShowing batteryNoShowing batteryNo
Active controller coolingYesYesYesYesYes
Seat & WaterproofingNoNoNoNoNo

What is the Best Electric Unicycle for Beginners?

What is the Best Electric Unicycle for Beginners

There is a variety of the best electric unicycle for beginners in the market. I suggest the amateurs to buy INMOTION V8F. It has an average speed limit that is 2.7 mph. With its modern design and safety features, the unicycle is flawless to beginners.

It can take you to 22 miles range. It can bring up your mobility along with your recreation up to the maximum level. You can use it roughly and casually. The body of the unicycle is sturdy and shockproof.

Its 16-inch wheel performs well for beginners and youngsters having a passion for riding on an electric unicycle. The tire material is the best for giving you the vehicle’s durability.

It can perfectly grip the ground and make you comfortable during your trip. The LED lights illuminate the way in the dark. The unicyclist can adjust the lighting colors by the mobile app specially designed for this unicycle. Microfiber leather retractable handle gives the full support for the portability of this electric unicycle.

Electric Unicycles for Adults

The best electric unicycles for adults are Veteran Sharman electric unicycle and INMOTION V11 electric unicycle. Let me investigate both of them.

Veteran Sharman is lightweight and has a robust design. Its maximum potential speed is 45 mph that can cover a distance of 128 miles when a rider with 170 lbs weight rides on it. The most powerful 3200 WH battery performs all the operations efficiently. The vigorous unicycle can take a load of 330 lbs.

A 5A rapid charger can charge it 80% in 6 hours. The youngster’s favorite unicycle has a 2500 W potent motor to take you to 30 degrees climbing gradient. The pedal specifications show that it is made with Magnesium alloy, and the anti-slip feature makes it safe for adults.

The tire is 20 inches off-road, giving maximum performance to all the unicyclists. Headlight and taillight indicator make it prominent at night drive. The LCD panel shows battery range and speed. The LCD may also do the customization of the operations. The dual controlling fans make it one of the best cool unicycles. The trolley handle and metal bars contribute the best part to its portability. 

INMOTION V11 electric unicycle is a product of a reliable company that aims to provide revolutionary and green transportation. V11 electric unicycle guide explains that it has 18 inches high and 3 inches wide wheel. Its petals are suspended to make you experience a smooth ride over rough surfaces.

The robust tire is excellent for stability and contact with the ground. The powerful 2200 W motor provides a maximum speed of 31.2 mph. The range of this electric unicycle is 75 miles. It can carry you climbing over 35 degrees slope.

The suspension is excellent to provide shock-free running and superior stability. Weather can never affect its performance due to its integrated cooling system. Brake responsive lights add you to the safety measure by the electric unicycle.

The commutation or traveling is easy due to its innovative hand grip. There are dual charging ports that can charge it in only 4 hours. Its oversized pedals create 20% more friction for a firm grip. 

Cool Unicycles

Some unicycles have a built-in seating option. You can also get creative to make your unicycle more appealing. A bicycle seat can be adjusted on the top of the electric unicycle. You can use iron clipping for attaching that.

It will give you luxury and consolation when the seat is present between your legs. It will support you in the running by sitting or having a hold over it with the legs.

The most recent products are more functional and developed by advanced technology. They are aesthetical and make you attractive and prominent among the people.  

Are Electric Unicycle’s Ride Difficult?

Electric unicycles have an acrobatic look. It feels like you visit a circus. It is like performing a stunt or getting an entertainment activity. Some people think that riding on electric unicycles is challenging. Believe me; it is not so. Electric unicycles get your ultimate commutation in your footsteps. You seem to be unique and cool riding on this device.

First, you need to spend a lot of time to make it in practice. Start riding with wall support and keep your full grip on the pedals. Self-balancing on an electric unicycle is an art that you need to learn.

You must lean forward to run it ahead, and leaning backward will take you to reverse. When turning, you need to apply the force of your foot on the opposite side of the pedal. Keep yourself in the authority of your body postures. 

You will feel safe with safety gear like helmets, wrist pads, knee pads, and elbow pads. Choose the best quality protective equipment. Remember; do not hold your body straight on the electric unicycle. Your knees must be in a slight curving position. Practice is the only factor that will make you a master of riding on an electric unicycle.

Are Electric Unicycles Practical Thing?

Some riders may have no handles and seat hurdles in riding the electric unicycle. However, if you are sharp to balance your body on a single wheel, then you will be more satisfied than ever before. It can gratify your adventurous nature. You can save a good amount of money that you spend on your traveling.

It can increase your commutation and keep you and others safe from air pollution. It is an environmentally safe means of transportation. The electric unicycles are guarded to use not only in the Sunlight but also at night, getting the advantages of the LED lights. Maximum speed and powerful motor are the reasons for people’s inclination towards this innovative device. 

Riding on powered unicycles depends on shifting your body weight. If you get an expert in this trick, you can use the electric unicycle like a pro. Your mind needs to be alert for avoiding risks on the way. 

Even though there are some restrictions in a few countries for using electric unicycles, you can use them on the sideways of the roads with proper safety for you and others. The best part is that electric unicycles do not need a license to ride them on. The latest models of electric unicycles also have a seat to make you more comfortable.  

Electric Unicycles Buying Guide Factors

As you have read about the variety of the electric unicycles available in the market, the selection may cause difficulty. I will describe the options available to you according to your need. When you are going to buy an electric unicycle, you won’t need any further research.

Electric Unicycles Buying Guide Factors


Best Safety:

If safety is the priority for you, then choose among the following;

  1. INMOTION V11 electric unicycle
  2. Veteran Sharman electric unicycle
  3. Before Gotway RS electric unicycle

The above electric unicycle possesses incredible features for the security of the unicyclists. The robust body, broad and rough terrain tire and LED headlights are all the benefits for the protection of the riders. 

Large and Wide Tire:

These electric unicycles provide you with a large tire with a maximum width of 3 inches. 

  1. KingSong 16x electric unicycle (Tire 16x 3″)
  2. Gotway Max Pro electric unicycle (Tire 19x 3″)
  3. INMOTION V8 electric unicycle (Tire 16″)
  4. INMOTION V 11 electric unicycle (Tire 18x 3″)
  5. Gotway Nikola electric unicycle (Tire 16x 3″)

Fast Speed:

The enthusiasts of electric unicycles may search for the fastest electric unicycles globally. This category has these options;

  1. Veteran Sharman (Speed: 45mph)
  2. Gotway MSX (Speed: 35 mph)
  3. INMOTION V11 (Speed: 31 mph)


The best products offer you durability with full of functionality. Electric unicycles are made with durable material because they can be used roughly by riders. The most durable electric unicycles are as under;

  1. KingSong 16x electric unicycle
  2. Gotway MSX Pro electric unicycle
  3. INMOTIN V11 electric unicycle
  4. INMOTION V10 F electric unicycle

Electric Unicycle Riding Laws

If you are a citizen of the United States and own an electric unicycle, then you need to follow the following laws implemented by the Government;

  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • Wearing a helmet is necessary. 
  • Some states of the US restricted the ride to 20 miles per hour. 
  • Electric unicycles are allowed on bike lanes and sidewalks.

Different countries have set various laws for electric unicycles. The citizens need to follow the rules of their Government.

I have done my part by providing you with every detail of the electric unicycle buying guide. Now, you should be active in selecting the best product for yourself according your needs.

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I am a big supporter and promoter of Micromobility & EVs. As a traveler, I always carry to share my hand-on experience on new electric ride to keep journey comfortable in Urban and off-road tracks. I came here online on this platform to give my personal experience and other user’s reviews of all used products.

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