Smart Hoverboard Electric Scooter Market Size By 2030

Intelligent hoverboard electric scooter is the new talk of the town, and this growing market is ruling the world of technology. The smart hoverboard electric scooter is a personal transporter that is self-balanced. This device consists of two motorized wheels attached to pair of pads. Those pads are for the placement of the rider’s feet.

Growth Concerning the Market

If I talk about the growth of the Hoverboard market, it is growing globally in all the best ways. The past few years were terrible for some markets, but the intelligent hoverboard electric scooter succeeded in this domain. Its market size was worth 1 million US$, and by its day-to-day increase, it will reach the estimated growth of 25 million US$ by 2030.


If we look at the comprehensive overview of this market, the increased revenue is leading the world. With a head start from Covid-19, the market of electric scooters is moving toward its peak. The report was given by multiple investors forecasting the success of this market. This report is based on the segmentation concerning regions, players, and applications.

After studying the report, a significant conception is made that this smart electric hoverboard scooter is gaining popularity in the new generation which is a good sign of success for the leading manufacturers. The success margin of this market depends upon the CAGR % ratio, which is gaining the attention of variant users. The growth report is different for multiple regions, but it is creating an impact on the economies of the country.

Covid-19 and the Russian War Effect

The market was affected by Covid 19 and the Ukraine-Russia war. Still, soon enough, it gained advancement, and the success ratio is increasing with the increase in the popularity and purchase of the smart hoverboard electric scooter.

Top Players of Smart Hoverboard Electric Scooter

The report indicates the top players gaining success in the intelligent hoverboard electric scooters market. They are effectively producing this item with many improvements in design and technology.

They are increasing the ideas of clarity by adding a new type of technical objectives in the infrastructure of the smart hoverboard electric scooter. Therefore I am presenting a brief analysis of the top 6 players in this growing market.

Best Hoverboards for 2023

The best hoverboards, according to Forbes, have different reasons for being the best, making them individual from each other.

  1. Swagtron T6
  2. GoTrax Glide
  3. Razor Hovertrax 2.0
  4. Segway Ninebot electric transporter
  5. Onewheel GT
  6. TomolooHoverboard
  7. Hover-1 Titan
  8. SisigadHoverboard
  9. Segway Nineboat Drift W1

1) Razor USA LLC

Razor USA is creating an impact in the smart hoverboard electric scooter market. With multiple advancements, it is gaining the attention of hoverboard users. Keeping the upgraded trends is increasing the demand for intelligent hoverboards in the USA. This company provides a wide range of hoverboards with different items of interest that attract adults and children.

These hoverboards are built with self-balancing technology that is safe in many ways. The sleek and steady design of these hoverboards with flashy LED lights is the new talk of the market. If we take a look at it, we will get to know that these advanced items in the hoverboards are creating an impact on the hoverboard market. The safety options of these electric motors are the demand of every hoverboard user.

2) Half board

Haloboard hoverboards are also leading electric scooters that gain users’ attention due to their built-in Bluetooth technology and flashlight. Most importantly, their best Hoverboard has been selected by Forbes as the best Hoverboard for 2023.

The best thing about these hoverboards is the user-friendly, safe style that confirms the safety of their users. The 26 MPH power and torque of this electric scooter hoverboard are gaining the attention of market experts. The long-range and ultra-carve trucks are the main ideas behind the success of these hoverboards.

3) Epikgo

The Epikgo hoverboards are the attention-seeking hoverboard brand in the market that is increasing its sales day by day. They have the perfect body and speed with a maximum climbing range of 18 degrees. The hoverboards have an alloy wheel and rugged body that has 10+ miles riding the range with extra-large wheels.

Compared to their competitors, they have started their business with the vision of 2030 and success of more extensive and faster hoverboards. They are making extraordinary advancements in the body and technology of these hoverboards and are featuring themselves in the list of best hoverboards with sports and classical hoverboards. Their dual motors and LED headlights are the demand of every hoverboard lover.

4) Segway Inc.

Segway Inc. is the best brand that is moving towards success in the kid’s hoverboard market. They are influencing themselves in the perfect advancement for the kids’ safety. They are increasing the demand for protective hoverboards, so they are way too much better than other companies.


Their perfect design and the technology with maximum speed and perfect range have real-time riding protection reminders that help the parent to keep a record of their child. They have prioritized the kids’ safety using their hoverboards, but with that, they also made the perfect technical hoverboards.

5) SURF US Hoverboards

The Surf US hoverboards are the talk of the hoverboard town as they have an advanced feature that opens a new door to creativity. They have a waterproof design that is the best thing a user could ever want.


It has every advanced feature that makes a hoverboard user happy, but its waterproof quality makes it outstanding in the eyes of the user. They move towards it and increase the market growth of this company by increasing their purchase.  They have the best body with the best curve actions and cover miles without a problem.

6) Genesis Hoverboards

The Genesis H1 hoverboards are light-weighed hoverboards that are the most balanced hoverboards with the best technology. They are the unique Hoverboard in the market with no similarity to their previous models.


The central console of their Hoverboard gains the users’ attention as they have never seen this scene elsewhere. Their design holds three sections that have different options for their users. They have the perfect design, so they are gaining success in the hoverboard market. This success is increasing day by day, leading a projected growth in the intelligent hoverboard electric scooter market.

Opportunities and Forecast By 2030

If we take a deep look at the growing smart hoverboard electric scooters market, we get a clear picture of their growth in the upcoming years. Even after being affected by Covid-19, this market is overgrowing.

Per my forecast, it may increase to thousands of million of USD in the upcoming year. After seeing the lists and stats of multiple reports, they have gotten the perfect opportunity to grow as the demand for electric scooter hoverboards is increasing daily.

People are using it with love and are getting used to its technology. They are requesting an increase in the advancement of this product, and the top brands of this market can take this as the best opportunity to increase their sales with more perfection in their products.

What is the most popular hoverboard brand?

According to the market analysis, the best brand of Hoverboard is Segway Ninebot. People trust the product and buy it confidently. These hoverboards are top-rated. Along with Segway, Razor and Onewheel are known for making high-quality hoverboards and self-balancing devices.

What is the life expectancy of a hoverboard?

Hoverboards can last up to 3 to 4 years before eventually dying out. You should better make a purchasing decision for a new one.

What was the major failure of the Hoverboard as a new product?

Hoverboards can get failure due to their risk of explosion due to Lithium batteries. Although many brands have overcome this problem, still Hoverboard battery can overheat and explode.

Can you break a bone on a Hoverboard?

Hoverboards can be dangerous if not used with safety gear. You need to wear a complete safety kit even if you are an expert user. 11.7% of people can get severe injuries like breaking their bones due to Hoverboard.

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