Why My Hoverboard Won’t Turn On? All Issues & Fixes

Hoverboards are like skateboards. They are electric devices that are good for one’s mobility. They run on two wheels and commonly have a Lithium battery. The rider can easily maintain his weight on the hoverboard. The 6.5 inches wheels are suitable for smooth surfaces, but 8.5 inches hoverboards can easily take you on rough grounds.

Because of equipping electronic parts, you may sometimes find it difficult to turn them on. It can be frustrated for you. The main point to know is that how to turn on hoverboard.  Many probabilities could be a hurdle of its functioning like its battery, charging, wiring, motherboard, and defective parts.

If A Hoverboard Wont Charge Properly

Charging Issues:

Problem # 1: If my hoverboard wont turn on or charge, it has some fault with the charging port. Now there is a need to check the charging light. I will plug in the charger of the hoverboard then connect the device with it. If the red light brightens, then it needs some charging. I have to wait for turning it green as a full charge. If it won’t happen, then my charger isn’t functional.

Solution: Get access to another hoverboard charger.

Problem # 2: If the charger plug is not fixed in the charging port, it can cause a problem with the hoverboard’s usual charging.

Solution: Look at the charging port. It has three pins. They need to be lined up as the charger. Then plug it in.

However, if the same scene happens with my hoverboard with a new charger, too, then there must be some other issue.

Battery Issues:

Hoverboard Battery Issues

Problem # 1: People ask that why is my hoverboard not turning on, then you need to figure out the issues with the battery.

Make sure your hoverboard is fully charged, and then turn it on. If it signals an orange battery indicator, some faults are there with the battery.

Solution: You need to know how to reset the hoverboard battery.

Problem # 2: If the fully charged hoverboard wont turn on, check the volts of the hoverboard battery with a voltmeter when it is turned on. If it does not show proper volts, then the battery is damaged.

Solution: The battery must be replaced.

Problem # 3: When the hoverboard battery is exhausted, it shows too much amperage while charging. It will shut the power off.

Solution: It would help if you had hoverboard troubleshooting for this issue.

Wiring Issues:

Problem: If you find your charger and the battery OK, there might be wiring issues. You need to open the cover of the hoverboard.

Solution: Properly check for the wiring of the charging port and all the connections of the motherboard. You need to check it while plugging the charger and then plug it off and check.

Motherboard Issues:

Problem: What to do if your hoverboard wont turn on? It might be some fault in the motherboard of the hoverboard. You cannot do any specific thing for that.

Solution: You can buy the replacement of the motherboard. Go for the same company’s motherboard to avoid any other issues.
Hoverboard Motherboard Issues

Defective Parts:

Problem: Why wont my hoverboard turn on even when I check all the above factors? If you buy a hoverboard and the hoverboard beeps but wont turn on, then some parts of the hoverboard are indeed damaged.

Solution: Connect the customer service of the hoverboard company and tell them the issues. You can return your hoverboard and refund the money, or you may be offered to exchange it by the company.

brand wise solution

Some Best Brand Hoverboard Wont Turn On Then What To Do?

  • If the cables are loose, then fix them by opening the cover of the hoverboard.
  • If the circuit is malfunctioning, then the motherboard must be replaced.
  • Improper working of the motor needs its replacement.
  • The faulty battery also requires an alteration.
  • Gyroscopes may also be substituted for proper functioning.
If Some Best Brand Hoverboard Wont Turn On Then What You Will Have To Do

Swagtron Hoverboard Wont Turn On:

When the Swagtron hoverboard wont turn on, then there might be some problem with the charging.

  • Attach the charger to the hoverboard while the device’s power button is OFF.
  • If you charge it while the power button is ON, you have to reset it by leaving it powered OFF for 48 hours.
  • Then charge it again. If the LED changes its color from red to green in 15 minutes, then it means your Swagtron hoverboard is charging efficiently.
  • If the board is still showing a red LED, there must be something wrong with the battery.
  • You need to follow the cover replacement guide and open up the board’s cover to watch the battery performance.
  • If you find some fault with the battery, there is a need to replace it.
  • A loose cable or damaged wheel can also cause its malfunctioning.
  • Check for the malfunctioning of the gyroscope. If it is failed, then it also needs to be replaced.
  • Read the User guide given with Swagtron Hoverboard.

Razor Hoverboard Won’t Turn On:

If the Razor hoverboard wont turn on, then there is the possibility of the same reasons as another brand hoverboard. There are some specific instructions for the calibration of the Razor hoverboard.

  • First, you need to place your hoverboard on a smooth surface.
  • Hold the power button ON, let it beep, and give flashlights.
  • Turn the power OFF.
  • Now the hoverboard will automatically adjust the self-balancing when it turns on.
  • Razor brand provides customer care service to its users. You can contact quickly to the Razor repair center when needed. 

Hover 1 Hoverboard Wont Turn On:

Suppose Hover 1 won’t turn on, then check for the charging. If it is not charging, the problem may occur due to the battery.

  • The replacement of the power button is also there in the hoverboard’s user guide if it is broken.
  • You can also replace the damaged charging port of the hoverboard by reading the user guide.
  • Battery replacement may also be done by following the instructions given in the guide.
  • If the hoverboard is riding slow, there might be some faults with the motherboard.
  • The best thing is to replace the motherboard by doing the steps given in the User’s Guide.
  • You need to purchase the motherboard of the same brand.
  • The user guide provided with Hover 1 has sufficient details for the customers. You can also contact the customer service of Hover 1.

Jetson Hoverboard Wont Turn On:

If your Jetson hoverboard wont turn on, then follow the same steps which have been written above.

  • First, you must check for the charging and the charger.
  • Then if the fault might appear in the battery, follow the instructions and replace the battery.
  • If the battery is OK, check for the cable connected with the motherboard inside the device.
  • There might be a need to replace the motherboard. Do it yourself or make it fixed by informing the customer service of the Jetson hoverboard.
  • If some defects occur in the parts of the hoverboard, then you can’t do any specific thing. Simply communicate with the customer service of the brand.

Hoverstar Hoverboard Wont Turn On:

The same steps can be followed with the device if your Hoverstar hoverboard wont turn on. Follow the user guide for further explanation of the process of fixing and replacing. Here are some more problems that can happen with a hoverboard, and their solutions are also explained.


How Do You Reset A Hoverboard Battery?

If you want to know how to reset hoverboard battery then,

  1. Open the cover of the hoverboard by unscrewing it with a screwdriver.
  2. The first thing you need to see is the side of the buttons. You are going to select the opposite side of it.
  3. It would be best if you unscrewed both sides.
  4. You will find eight screws there.
  5. Use a good screwdriver for unscrewing.
  6. When you uncover it, you will see the battery.
  7. It is under a blue pack.
  8. Pull up the cover of the battery.
  9. Then pull the battery cage up and keep it aside.
  10. It would help if you took out the battery from the cage.
  11. Disconnect it by removing plugs and losing the wiring.
  12. Get the new battery and connect it correctly with the wires and plugs.
  13. Replace the cage of the battery.
  14. Now put the cover of the hoverboard back on it and get it screwed.

Why Does My Hoverboard Only Turn On When Plugged In?

This issue of the hoverboard wont turn on unless plugged in may happen due to the problem with the battery. When you plug it in, it takes maximum amperage and turns on the device. But when you plug it out, the hoverboard will not turn on.

It does not find an excellent current to supply the volt to the hoverboard. It may happen due to the slow performance of the battery. Maybe it is damaged or getting old. It is time to replace the battery of your hoverboard.

Is There a Reset Button on a Hoverboard?

The power button of the hoverboard is used as a reset button. When there is a need to recalibrate the device, you can do it by following these steps.

  • Place your hoverboard on level ground.
  • Make sure it does not lean to any side and horizontally with the ground.
  • Press the power button until it turns the red light on.
  • Hold it for a few seconds, and the red light will blink five times.
  • Then watch out for the hoverboard illuminating blue lights.
  • After a few seconds, turn it OFF.
  • Now, turn it ON. It is reset and ready to go.

If the Hoverboard Beeps But Wont Turn On:

If the hoverboard beeps and wont turn ON, then it is a sign that it needs calibration. You can go for the above steps mentioned to reset the battery.

  • The beeping of the hoverboard can be a sign of loose wiring. You can fix them by uncovering the board but be careful. The circuit and the electronic part are delicate to be handled.
  • Counting the beeping can also solve your problem.
  • If it beeps one time, there must be an issue with the motherboard.
  • Beeping 2 and 3 times means the circuits are damaged.
  • Four times beep means the motor situated on the motherboard needs to be replaced.
  • 5 and 6 times indicate the battery issue.
  • 7 and 8 times refer to the problems of the gyroscope.
  • The hoverboard does not turn on and beeps just because of the above reasons.
The hoverboard is an electronic device. It needs some maintenance occasionally. There is a need to understand the issues caused by the hoverboard rightly. If you get the experience to fix it, you can be the expert rider, and your hoverboard will not be fed up with you on the way. If your hoverboard wont charge, then there can be the possibility to fix it yourself or make it set with the brand. By reading this article, you have a good knowledge of how to fix a hoverboard that won t turn on. You can do it yourself.

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