10 Best Electric Go Karts – Motorized High-Speed Vehicles

Over ten years ago, I became an electric go kart enthusiast. That is why I raced, built, and maintained many different electric go karts during that time. There are different types of electric go karts on the market, so it is essential to do your research before making a purchase. Depending on your needs and budget, the best electric go kart will be the one that suits you best.

Being a thrilling kid, I have used many electric go karts in my childhood and using for kids too. That is why I have found the ten best options that are well-made and have a good reputation. These go karts are the most affordable and offer warranty to support usage reliability. For your convenience, I’ve discussed their features, specifications, benefits, and drawbacks to getting a better idea. So, without further ado, let’s explore these electric go karts.

Top 10 Best Electric Go Karts For Adults 2023

While being an electric go kart enthusiast, I have raced them, modified them, and built them from scratch. In this article, I will share my knowledge and experience, so you can quickly select one of the best electric go karts. I’ve also included a buying guide, so you get all the information you need to choose the perfect electric go kart.

On Road Testing Results

Tested SpeedBattery PowerCharging Time
Radio Flyer10 Mph24-volt40-45 Min
Razor Ground Force 12 Mph24-volt3 hours
Razor Crazy Cart Shift8 Mph 12-volt4 hours
Segway Ninebot 17Mph55-volt4 hours
Segway Ninebot Pro 23 Mp59 volt4 hours
Razor Crazy Cart 12 Mp24-volt4-5ours
First Drive Kids3Mph12-volt5 hours
FIT Right 2020 Baja-X 15 Mph48 volt6 hours
Go-Bowen Baja15 Mph48 volt4-6hours
Sopbost Drift9Mph24 volt6-7hours

Radio Flyer Ultimate Best Motorized Go Kart

Radio Flyer Ultimate Go Kart For 3-8 Years Old

Speed: 10 MPH
Battery: 24-volt
Battery charge Time: 20 min
Battery Time: 45 minutes

The Radio Flyer Ultimate motorized go kart is an incredible ride-on toy that will keep your kids entertained for hours! I have never seen a go-kart with such impressive features, and my kids love it.

It comes with a 24-volt battery which gives it plenty of power to zip around, and the 940z mode is perfect for zooming around on the pavement. It is also equipped with a handbrake and seatbelt for your safety. My kids had a blast riding this around the neighborhood.

Three Forward-Driving Speed Settings:

In addition to a single-speed reverse, it offers three forward-driving speed settings 10 Mph. The 24-volt battery and charger are great. My kids had much fun driving it around and handling it well. The 8 MPH setting is relatively fast, and they had no problem keeping control of the go-kart.

Smooth Ride with 81 lbs. Weight Capacity:

This kart can reach up to 8 mph, making it perfect for racing around the neighborhood with friends. The weight limit of 81 lbs. is also great, as it can accommodate most kids. Its rear wheels are also 10.75″ L x 4.5″ W, making for a smooth ride. And finally, the battery charge lasts 45 minutes, which is plenty of time to have fun.

Parent-Controlled Speed Lock & Rubber Traction:

I have to say that the Go-Kart is an excellent drifting vehicle for both beginners and experienced drivers. There is no better drifting vehicle than this one because of the rubber traction on the front tires and the extra wide slicks on the rear wheels.

With the parent-controlled speed lock, parents can control the driving speed. The vehicle also comes with a racing flag and seat belt for increased visibility.

  • The Radio Flyer Go Kart is an excellent way for kids to get outside and have fun.
  • It is an excellent way for kids to exercise and stay active.
  • The Go-Kart is durable and built to last for maximum reliability and longevity.
  • This electric go-kart is easy to assemble and can be used on any terrain.
  • Designed to reach speeds of up to 8 mph.
  • It is somehow challenging to control on rough terrain.

Razor Ground Force Drifter Best Electric Go Kart for 10 Year Old

Razor Ground Force E-Go Kart for 10 Year Old

Weight limit:140 Pounds
Max Speed: 12 mph
Battery life: 45 minutes
Item Weight: 32.61 Pounds

I have never been so excited to get behind the wheel of a go-kart! The Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart is unlike any other go-kart out there. For drifting, this go kart has two large rear wheels that allow you to drift around corners effortlessly.

Furthermore, it features a powerful motor that allows you to reach speeds up to 12 mph. It is the best electric go kart for 10 year old to 2 years.

Goes Up to 12 Mph:

I was so excited to get the Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart for my kid. My kid loves it! It’s speedy and goes up to 12 mph. The only downside is that it lasts only about 40 minutes on a full charge, but that’s plenty of time to have fun. It was easy to assemble, too. My kid is 8 years old, and the weight limit is 140 lbs.

Durable & Well-Made:

I remember when I first got my Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart. My little kids were so excited to try it out. I had seen it in the store, which looked fun. The kart is durable and well-made.

It was easy to assemble, and my kids had a blast riding it. The kart has a steel frame and molded aluminum wheels. It also has 4-1/2-inch tires. The kart is great for drifting and racing.

Powerful Features:

The powerful variable-speed, chain-driven motor and thumb-trigger acceleration control made it easy for him to zip around, while the hand-operated rear brake let him slow down and stop on a dime. He loved being able to drift and spin out, and the kart handled beautifully.

  • This Drifter Go Kart can reach speeds up to 12 mph, making it the fastest drifting go kart.
  • Made with a steel frame and high torque for durability.
  • It is chain driven and has variable speed.
  • The thumb trigger acceleration control makes it easy to use.
  • Its comfortable seat and shoulder strap keeps you in place.
  • The rear wheels are made of plastic and may not be as durable.

Razor Crazy Cart Shift Best Electric Go Kart for 5 Year Old Kids

Razor Crazy Cart Shift for 5 Year Old Kids

Max Speed: 8 mph
Steering Ratio: 1:1
Battery: 12V
Item Weight: 22.2 Pounds

To provide the best electric go kart for 5 year old, I purchased Razor Crazy Cart Shift for Kids Ages 6+ (Low Speed) 8+ (High Speed) with a High/Low-Speed Switch and Simple Drifting System. It is an excellent product for children. I found them easy to use, and the child can drift easily. The product is also very safe, and the child can confidently ride it.

Simplified Drift System:

My son is a big fan of drifting and was thrilled to be able to try it out. The simplified drift system is fantastic. Like professionals, it automatically engages the rear-end drift so drivers can concentrate on steering and throttle control.

He had a blast trying it out and could drift like a pro in no time. The Crazy Cart Shift is an excellent way for kids to learn how to drift and have a ton of fun simultaneously.

1:1 Steering Ratio:

The 1:1 steering ratio also makes the Razor Crazy Cart Shift incredibly responsive. You can make quick, precise turns without oversteering. It is essential for performance driving.

This is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the ultimate steering responsiveness and performance driving. It’s easy to control and maneuver, even at high speeds. And the 1:1 steering ratio ensures precise, responsive turns.

12V Sealed Lead-Acid Battery:

It’s always a challenge for me to find ways to improve my life, including my kids’ toys. This product is a 12V sealed lead-acid battery-powered ride-on that is power efficient and rechargeable. In addition, it has a power core hub motor that does not require chains, sprockets, tensioners, or any other maintenance.

  • The go kart has a high/low-speed switch, which is excellent for beginners.
  • Its drifting system is simplified, making it easy to use.
  • It can reach high speeds, making it exciting to ride.
  • Did not requires gas to function because it is an electric go kart.
  • Especially made for kids and is safe and easy to operate
  • The go kart may not be able to reach high speeds on all surfaces.

Segway Ninebot Best Electric Go Kart for Drift

Segway Ninebot Electric Go Kart For Adults

Max Speed: 17 mph
Size: X-Large
Battery Range: 13.7 miles
Item Weight: 60.9 Pounds

I’ve never had as much fun zipping around the neighborhood as with the Segway Ninebot Electric Go Kart Kit. This is fast and maneuverable, and it’s a blast to race with friends. The outdoor racer pedal car is also great for cruising around and exploring. It’s well-made and durable and great for riders of all ages.


My son loves his Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Drift Kit. It’s the perfect size for him; he loves being able to zip around the neighborhood with his friends.

It has a range of up to 17miles and a top speed of 10mph so that he can get going. And, if he ever gets bored of driving, he can permanently attach his Ninebot S and turn it into a fully-functional GoKart. It’s the best of both worlds!

Three Driving Modes:

The best part is that there are three driving modes to choose from, which are suitable for different ages. A maximum load of 220 lbs and a maximum slope of 15° can be accommodated with an adjustable frame length and steering wheel height.

My kids had a blast racing each other around the block, and I didn’t have to worry about them getting hurt.

Drift Racing & Portable Design:

My kid had a blast playing with this Electric GoKart Drift Kit. I can switch forward and backward with the handbrake and brake pedal on the go kart. Precision is ensured by the high steer ratio of 2.1:1, while the strengthened seat belt ensures rider safety.

The portable design is great for bringing the go kart wherever we want to ride. This Go-kart Kit is collapsible for portability and fits in my car’s trunk.

  • This Go-Kart Drift Kit is excellent for getting around quickly and easily in your town.
  • Highly maneuverable for storing it in small and tight spaces.
  • Easy to transport because of its lightweight and ergonomic construction.
  • Function very quietly, which makes it perfect for stealthy operations.
  • The go kart produces no emissions, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  • It may be challenging to find replacement parts if something breaks.

Segway Ninebot Pro Electric Go Kart For Heavy Adults

Segway Ninebot Pro E-Go Kart for Adults

Max Speed: 23 mph
Weight Limit: 220 Pounds
Battery life: 55 Minutes
Item Weight: 112.9 Pounds

I have never had so much fun with this electric go kart for adults before in my life! The Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Pro is the best outdoor race pedal go-karting car for kids and adults. I love how you can adjust the length and height to make it the perfect size for anyone. It has a top speed of 23 mph which is impressive!


As a kid who loves to play with go-karts, I was so excited when I saw the Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Pro. It has an outstanding speed of 23 mph and a 15.5-mile range, which is perfect for me. It also comes with the Ninebot S MAX, which I can quickly assemble and detach. I can’t wait to experience the fun of a self-balancing scooter.

4,800W Max Engine Power & 96N Max Torque:

There are rear engines and rear-wheel drives in the Gokart Pro, like in supercars. It is a fantastic piece of machinery, and my kid loves it. Segway Gokart PRO can sprint from 0 to 23 mph in less than a second, thanks to its 96N max torque and 4,800W engine power.

High-Strength Steel Frame:

As a parent, I always want to ensure my kids are safe when playing. There is a steel frame with a maximum slope of 15 degrees and a payload of up to 220 pounds.

The dual communication technology and three anti-collision systems increase the rider’s safety.

  • Gives no emissions because it is an environment friendly go kart.
  • It does not require a parking space due to its convenient construction.
  • Did not require much electricity for charging, which saves cost on your bills.
  • This go-kart is compact, ergonomic, and lightweight, making it easy to transport.
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • It is one of the more expensive outdoor race pedals go karts available on the market.

Razor Crazy Cart High Speed Electric Go Kart

Razor Crazy Electric Go Kart for 3-5 Years Kids

Max Speed: 12 mph
Size: One Size
Battery: 24V
Item Weight: 57 Pounds

I have never had so much fun with a go-kart before! The Razor Crazy Cart is a high speed electric go kart that can drift and reach speeds of up to 12 mph. It has a drift bar that allows you to control the amount of drift you want to do. It was fun seeing my kid drifting and going fast! The Crazy Cart is genuinely a blast to ride.

Ultimate Drifting Machine:

I never thought I would see the day my kid would be an expert at drifting, but the Razor Crazy Cart has made it possible. With this unique go-kart I can control drifts, spins, and cornering. You must press the gas pedal and brake simultaneously, ready to drift. The kart also has a handbrake for added control. My kid loves it!

Up to 12 mph Speed:

I’m the parent of an expert Crazy Cart rider, and my kid loves the variable speed foot pedal acceleration. They can go as fast as they want, up to 12 mph. Kids can also drift and spin around, which is fantastic. The Crazy Cart is an excellent way for kids to have fun and exercise.

Pneumatic Front Tire:

I have a son who is 12 years old, and he loves to play with his Razor Crazy Cart. It is an electric go-kart that can drift and has a powerful 24V rechargeable battery system.

The charger is also included, as well as a lap/shoulder strap and flag. He loves it because riding and drifting around is fun. Its front tire is pneumatic, and the front caster wheels are anti-tip, which makes it easier for him to control.

  • A powerful 24V rechargeable battery system makes it exceptional.
  • It is an electric and environmentally friendly go kart for going around.
  • Provide a fantastic variable speed; you can go as fast or slow as you want.
  • The drift bar helps you control the drifts and makes it more fun.
  • It can go up to 12 mph, which is pretty fast.
  • You need to charge this Razor Go kart often.

First Drive Kids 12V Cheap Electric Go Karts

First Drive 12V Electric Go Kart For 4-7 Years

Size: 3 to 7 Years
Weight Capacity: 77 Pounds
Battery: 12V
Item Weight: 33 Pounds

I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the First Drive Kids Electric cheap electric Go Karts. It’s a great electric power ride on a toy kid’s car that is perfect for my granddaughter.

I recommend First Drive to anyone looking for a great electric ride-on toy for their kids. It’s furnished, very well made, and fun to ride. It goes pretty fast, and she loves it.

One Powerful Drive Mode:

I was so excited to receive this electric go kart for my kid. The 12V battery is mighty and can provide a great ride. My kid had a great time driving this car and enjoyed the powerful Ride. The steering wheel is inspired by race cars and is very functional. The horn is also a great addition.

Optimal Spring Suspension:

The functional suspension minimizes the vibration and increases traction performance which is great for when he’s riding on various terrains. The wear-resistant anti-skid wheels are a huge plus as they ensure children’s safety while using the go kart.

The durable and extra-thick design is a plus as it fits various roads. Moreover, the anti-slip strap on the wheel ensures stability and safety.

Stylish Appearance with Fully Functional Configuration:

The fully functional configuration and elegant appearance provide the ideal car experience for your child. This car has a larger single seat, a larger weight capacity, and an adjustable safety seat belt.

I had great fun zipping around the neighborhood! Its design & excellent model brings your child more joy. The dual rear motors add to the fun and the ability to adjust the speed.

  • Ergonomic and environmentally friendly go kart.
  • It is quiet in working as compared to gas-powered cars.
  • Comes with two speeds, so it’s perfect for kids just learning to drive.
  • Offer remote control support for desired control.
  • The car has a seat belt so that kids will be safe driving.
  • It doesn’t have much power because the car is only 12 volts.

FIT Right Baja-X 1000 Watt Fastest Electric Go Kart

FIT Right Baja-X Electric Go Kart For Adults

Size: Medium
Max Speed: 15 mph
Weight Limit: 175 Pounds
Item Weight: 141 Pounds

My family had much fun with the FIT Right 2020 Baja-X 48 Volt 1000 Watt Brushless Electric Go Kart. It was easy to set up and use, and I loved this fastest electric go kart with three speeds up to 20 mph with forward and reverse. This racing go-kart for kids with foot pedals and foot breaks was great, and I loved how easy it was to use.

1000W Brushless Motor:

With a 48V power pack and a 1000W brushless motor, this go kart has a max capacity of 175 lbs and can reach speeds of 15 MPH. Furthermore, it has foot pedal throttles and forward and reverse breaks. They’ve already learned to handle it well, and we’ve had much fun.

Parental Speed Control:

My kid has been using it for a few weeks, and it’s been great with the control in my hand. Our parental speed control features allow us to select from low, medium, and high speeds15 mph. My son’s speed does not exceed the speed at which he can control the vehicle at a beginning level of skill or ability.

Build to Last & Easy to Assemble:

It’s been fun taking my kids on adventures with this kart. Due to its high-tensile steel frame, pneumatic tires, and disc brakes, this go kart can withstand all challenging conditions. This is the perfect kart for my kid’s first off-road four-wheelers.

It’s easy to assemble and comes pre-assembled in the box. This will only take me five screws to install the steering wheel and the rear roll bars.

  • A fast and powerful go kart can reach up to 20 mph.
  • A Brushless electric motor makes it more efficient and longer lasting than a gas-powered go kart.
  • There are three-speed settings, so you can customize the speed to fit your child’s skill level.
  • It has forward and reverses features and is excellent for beginners or getting out of tight spots.
  • The foot pedal and foot brake are easy to operate and stop.
  • It is expensive as compared to other electric go-karts in the market.

Go-Bowen Baja 1000W 48V Dirt Racing Go Karts

Go-Bowen Baja Electric Go Kart for Adults

Max Speed: 17-20 mph
Battery: 48V
Range: 12 Miles
Speed: 15 mph
Motor: 1000W

I can confidently say that Go-Bowen Baja is an excellent product for parents who want to give their children a safe, fun, and affordable way to get around. The parental speed control is a great feature, and the disc brake system is very reliable.

The frame of this dirt racing go karts for adults is made of high-tensile steel so that it can take a beating, and the seat belt and adjustable seat make it comfortable for kids of all sizes.

Brushless Powerful Motor:

I was excited to buy my son the Go-Bowen Baja Electric Kids Go-Kart. He loves it! This 1000 Watt brushless powerful motor is what makes this go-kart so unique. The kart can reach up to 12 miles per hour, perfect for kids who love to go fast. Having fun zooming around the block on this was a blast for my kid.

Speed Control & Disc Brake:

I have to say that I am very impressed with the Go-Bowen Baja’s parental speed control, which is excellent. It helps me choose between 10mph, 13mph, and 17-20mph. The brake system is also great. The disc brake is very easy to use, and it works great.

The disc brake of this go kart is located on the foot control and is very easy to use. My kid loves being able to stop on a dime, and I love that I don’t have to worry about them flying off the kart.

High-Tensile Steel & Adjustable Seat:

The frame is made of high-tensile steel, and the seat is adjustable so that he can grow with it. The seatbelt keeps him safe, and the max rider height of 5’0″ is perfect for him. The fact that he can zip around the neighborhood without getting hurt is what he loves most about it.

  • It has a powerful brushless motor that gives it plenty of power
  • The product is battery-powered, making it eco-friendly.
  • A disc brake system that is very effective in stopping the go-kart.
  • The frame is of high-tensile steel, which makes it very strong and durable.
  • Safe and comfortable riding for your child is made possible by the seat belt and adjustable seat.
  • This go-kart is not foldable, so it may be difficult to transport or store.

Sopbost 24V Drift Electric Go Kart Off Road

I have never had so much fun with a toy before! The Sopbost 24V Electric Drift Kart is amazing! It goes up to 9 MPH and is perfect for kids aged 6+. The battery-powered Ride on car is a 2WD motorized go cart that is sure to provide hours of fun.

This drifting electric go kart off road comes with music play, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes while you race around.


It’s fast and can go up to 9mph, which is perfect for my little racer. My kid loves it and has so much fun driving it around. He loves the two driving modes (standard and drift) and says it’s effortless to switch between them.

Multiple Devices Interfaces:

Several devices can be connected to the go kart, including an AUX/USB/TF card slot and wireless connection). They were able to play their favorite music and audio files to spice up the driving. It was a wonderful experience for my kid, and I would recommend it to anyone else.

Adjustable Steering Wheel:

I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with this Electric Drift Kart. The custom ergonomic seat is very comfortable, and the seat belt comes in handy. My kid loves it and has had a great time on it. The adjustable steering wheel height is excellent because it can accommodate kids of different ages.

  • This go kart is great for kids aged 6 and up.
  • The product is battery-powered, making it eco-friendly.
  • It offers a high speed of 7.5MPH.
  • Designed with LED headlights that support safety in dark paths.
  • Comes with music playing to keep your rides more enjoyable.
  • It is not suitable for very tall people as it is a little small in size.

Buying Guide for the Best Electric Go Kart for Teenager

When it comes to electric go-karts, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before making your purchase. Here is a buying guide to the best electric go kart 2023:

Desired Speed:

Some electric go-karts can reach up to 20 mph, while others are limited to around 12 mph. You should consider how fast you want your kart to go before making your purchase.

Traveling Range:

Most electric go-karts can only travel for 15-20 minutes before recharging. However, some models offer extended ranges of up to 40 minutes. If you plan on using your kart for long periods, you should opt for a model with a longer range.

Weight Capacity:

Most electric go-karts are designed for riders weighing up to 250 pounds. Riders weighing over 300 pounds can also use other go-karts of the same design. Choosing a kart based on your weight will help you have a better riding experience.

Convenient Assembly:

Some electric go-karts will come partially or fully assembled, while others require some assembly. If you are not familiar with assembling go-karts, it is best to opt for a model that comes pre-assembled.

Affordable Price:

Electric go-karts can range in price from around $200 to $1,000. Before purchasing, you should consider how much you are willing to spend on an electric go-kart.

Additional Features:

The features you value when choosing an electric go-kart should also be considered. Some go-karts come with storage bins, cup holders, music players, and other accessories. If you have specific features, choose a go-kart that offers them.

Product Recommendation
I am a huge fan of electric go-karts for kids. The Radio Flyer Ultimate Go-Kart is the best electric go-kart, my kids have ever used. It is so much fun to ride; my kids love it. It is the perfect size for my 3-year-old and 8-year-old, and it is effortless to operate. The go-kart has two speeds, which are suitable for my kids.
With the exceptional speed setting, they can go as fast or slow as they want. The go-kart also has a reverse function, which is great for when they want to go back up a hill or turn around.
The go-kart is very durable and has high-quality construction. Steel and plastic make up its frame and body, making it sturdy. This go kart also comes with a fast charger, so I don’t have to worry about batteries.
Which is the best 50 mph electric go kart?

The best 50 mph electric go kart meets your needs and preferences regarding your terrain and road needs. There are many types and unique models of electric go karts on the market, so it is essential to do your research to find the one that is right for you.

What are the benefits of an electric go kart?

Some benefits of electric go karts include being environmentally friendly, having more torque and power than gas go karts, and not having to deal with the hassle of refueling.

What features should I look for to get the best electric go kart?

The best electric go karts will have a powerful motor, a sturdy frame, and large tires that can handle a variety of terrain. They should also have long battery life and be easy to operate.

How does an electric go kart work?

Most electric go karts work using a battery to power an electric motor. The motor is connected to the wheels of the go kart, and as the motor spins, the wheels turn.

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