Segway Ninebot Max Review | Specs, Accessories & Features

Segway is a famous American company that manufactures the bicycle. A bicycle is two-wheeled transportation used for short commutes. On July 27, 1999, Segway was founded by American engineer Dean Kamen. They have their headquarters in New Hampshire, USA. Segway is one of the finest manufacturers for two-wheeled personal transportation in the market.

Initially, Segway focused on multiple niche markets. Things changed after some years when Ninebot acquired segway. Ninebot is a private company from Beijing, China. Nowadays, Segway Ninebot is focused on increasing its presence in the consumer market. So, they are launching excellent two-wheeled products. One of those products is Segway Ninebot Max, increasing companies’ revenue in huge numbers.

Segway Ninebot Max Specs

Segway Ninebot max is one of the latest and most advanced electric scooters in the market. Segway Ninebot is well known for meeting high standards in the market. So, they have launched Segway Ninebot Max as their most refined product in the market.

Segway Ninebot has introduced multiple advanced features in a very comfortable price range. Segway Ninebot Max specs will take you by surprise. 


  •  Total Weight: 41.2 Lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 100.0 Kg
  • Dimensions: 45.9 x 18.6 x 47.4 inches
  • Max Speed: 18.6 mph
  • Max Range: Up to 65 Km
  • Age Recommendation: 14+ years
  • Slope: 20 % Approximately
  • Height Recommendation: 120 – 200 Cm
  • Track Type: Flat Terrain
  • Fast Charging: Up to 6 Hours
  • Battery: 551 WH / 36 – 42 V
  • Motor: 350 w
  • Acceleration: 5.4 seconds – 24 KMPH
  • Tires: 25.4 Centimetre
  • Deck Size: 17.4 CM x 50.3 CM
  • Tyres Category: Pneumatic Tubeless


  • LED Rear Brake Light
  • 3 Different Riding Modes
  • Portable Ride
  • Easily foldable Ride
  • Advanced Cockpit
  • LED Display at Handlebar
  • High Mounted LED Light
  • Sturdy Material Construction
  • Multiple Generation Options
  • Serial Number for Identification
  • Mickey Mouse Ears Power Connector
  • Single Charging Cable

Segway Ninebot Max Folding Electric Scooter

 Segway Ninebot max is one of the latest products launched by Segway Ninebot. Segway Ninebot Max has multiple advanced features in it. Segway Ninebot launched this great electric scooter in October 2019. Segway Ninebot max is an adjustable and foldable electric scooter.

It has many advanced features that are not found in many electric scooters in the market. Segway Ninebot Max is considered one of the finest two-wheeled transportation nowadays. Its sale is increasing day by day in the market. There are multiple causes for its extreme demand and high consumer market sales.

Segway Ninebot Max Folding Electric Scooter

Segway Ninebot has launched a Max scooter with all the attractive consumer features. Segway Ninebot max is an easily foldable electric scooter. It doesn’t take much time to get folded. Segway Ninebot has introduced a live application feature with Segway Ninebot max.

The intelligent app helps to use Segway Ninebot Max folding electric scooter as a remoter device. The intelligent app also shows us the usage and percentages of commute. A two-way brake is one of the most delicate things introduced in this high-tech electric scooter. It means that the brake will work at its finest.

You will feel more secure than the others with its healthy, weighed design material. Design is also comfortable. Frame and handlebar are adjustable as per requirement. Segway Ninebot Max folding electric scooter has many more features that make it a perfect choice for personal transportation.

Segway Ninebot Max Instructions and all Features

Segway Ninebot Max comes with an easy-to-use mindset. It has a manual with it for a better understanding of its features. Segway Ninebot has advanced features so that you might need some assistance for first-time use.

First of Segway Ninebot max instructions is a Power button. Segway Ninebot has a beautiful dashboard on your handle facing you when you are standing on the scooter. This beautiful dashboard has a power button on the lower front side. The power button should be pushed easily to start the Segway Ninebot max.

There are some other features of this power button. You need to press this button for 3 seconds to turn off the Segway Ninebot max. You can also utilize this button to turn on the headlight when the scooter is already switched on. The dashboard has a LED display which indicates the performance of the scooter.

At the top of this display, the speedometer is easily visible. The speedometer shows the current speed of the scooter. It also indicates the riding mode as various speed modes are available in Segway Ninebot max. This LED display also indicates the temperature, Bluetooth, headlight, error, and battery.

A small Led display covers everything, so the battery is indicated with 5 bars. Each bar indicates the 20% of battery. Segway Ninebot max instructions are also available in detail on their official website with video tutorials to better understand consumers.

There are some more technical instructions for a better experience of Segway Ninebot max.

Segway Ninebot Max Serial Number Check

Serial number check is a technical way of checking whether your electric scooter is a first-generation or second generation. First-generation scooters are more brilliant as compared to second-gen scooters.

Segway Ninebot Max Serial Number Check

Segway Ninebot Max serial number check is not much difficult. The serial number is there at the rear hub motor. If your serial number starts with 6, it means you’re using a first-gen. The second-gen starts with the number 9.

Segway Ninebot Max Factory Reset

Suppose you have lost some of your information regarding Segway Ninebot max if you have made too many settings. You can easily factory reset the Segway Ninebot max. Turn the SEGWAY Ninebot MAX off by clicking Power Button.

Hold the throttle and the brake lever down and keep them pressed. Turn the MAX On. Release the acceleration and brake levers. Turn off the scooter by pressing Power Key. Your Segway Ninebot max is done with factory resetting.

Segway Ninebot Max Top Speed

Like every other person who has tried different electric scooters, I was also worried about the Segway Ninebot max speed. Most electric scooters claim high speed in their launch. They are unable to meet that speed because of their low-quality standards.

I was stunned to see the quality of performance. Segway Ninebot max top speed is claimed to be more than 18 mph easily. I was expecting the same performance from Segway Ninebot max. I was stunned to try the high-speed track in a full charge. Segway Ninebot max speed was recorded at 18.6 miles per hour.

Segway Ninebot Max Top Speed

Not much of electric scooters can claim and deliver this speed. Segway Ninebot max speed depends on its high-quality frame and accessories. Every component of Segway Ninebot max is made of pure quality. The top speed of any electric bike also depends on its battery percentage. With a low battery, I tried to gain the Segway Ninebot max top speed.

It surprised me when it touched the 18 mph with a low battery. Segway Ninebot max passed is delivered as claimed. Segway Ninebot max speed makes it one of the fasted and reliable electric scooters in the consumer market.

Segway Ninebot Max Suspension

There was a time when people rejected electric scooters because they didn’t have suspensions. So, engineers of Segway Ninebot max have also taken care of this concern. The electric scooter doesn’t have a frame compatible with the suspensions.

Suspension is not installed in Segway Ninebot max because you don’t need a suspension for it. Thanks to the thickness of the tires of Segway Ninebot max, there is no need for suspension. Also, the sturdiness and quality of the frame will make you feel like you are riding a scooter with suspension.

Still, if you need a suspension to ride the pavement only electric scooter with thick tires, you can find some different sorts of suspensions online. These suspensions are compatible with the front tire of Segway Ninebot max. But if you want a refined ride of the max scooter, you need to forget about Segway Ninebot max suspension. This scooter is made with proper care, and you will not need a unique suspension for this electric scooter.

Segway Ninebot Max Dimensions

After reading the details about this great electric scooter, the next question that appears in your mind is about Segway Ninebot max dimensions. You must be thinking about how a thick tire and sturdy frame can be adjustable.

You must consider how a Segway Ninebot max seat can be portable. The engineers of Segway Ninebot max have created this masterpiece with every answer. When scooter is in standard position (Unfolded), its dimension is 45.9 x 18.6 x 47.4 inches (1167 x 423 x 1203 mm).

Segway Ninebot Max Dimensions

When the scooter is in portable mode (folded), its dimension is 45.9 x 18.6 x 21.0 inches (1167 x 423 x 534 mm). This dimension is made after every sort of experiment. This dimension of the sturdiness frame makes it easy to be folded and carry.

Thanks to this technical dimension, Segway Ninebot max can be folded with a single easy step as it has a high-quality frame with thick tires and handsome dimensions. That makes it one of the finest electric scooters in the market. Not many electric scooters can meet the top-notch standards of Segway Ninebot max dimensions.

Segway Ninebot Max Lights

As we know that the electric scooter is two-wheeled personal transportation. So, it has a limited frame with a limited battery installed in it. So, most electric scooters don’t bother to have any sort of headlight or rear light for you.

Segway Ninebot max is an exception to this rule also. The Ninebot Max has a front-mounted LED light positioned high and on the opposite side of the LED display. This is an excellent location for a headlight, allowing you to see where you’re going with a more comprehensive projection of light.

A small red LED brake light mounted on the rear fender completes the package. The placement of the front light at the back of the dashboard makes it ideal for visibility in low-light conditions. You are visible to others.

The Ninebot Max has a front-mounted LED light mounted high and on the opposite side of the LED display. This is coming from the other side. It’s more secure as a result of it. The same holds for the fender-mounted backlight. If there is bad weather and you are riding your electric scooter. The rear light will let you become visible from the backside also. Segway Ninebot max lights will make you feel more secure.

Segway Ninebot Max Weight

Weight plays a vital role in any electric scooter. Low weight electric scooter will give you a comfortable feeling. But a low-weight scooter is not dependable at all. A low-weight electric scooter cannot manage a high payload. The low-weight scooter is too light in case of taking sharp turns. High windy weather will cause a low-weight electric scooter to be shaky all the time.

On the other hand, the extra weight of an electric scooter is also not reliable. The electric scooter comes with a decent motor and battery. The extra weight of the frame will cause battery discharge quickly. That’s what Segway Ninebot max beginners have taken care of in a significant manner.

Segway Ninebot max weight is reported as 41.2 Lbs. Its a healthy weight as compared to other scooters. It is not like the light that can become shaky in the high-speed wind. Also, it is not much heavy to carry. Its weight doesn’t disturb the battery and motor performance. Segway Ninebot max can manage the payload up to 100 kg. It means it is made for all persons, whether short or tall.

Segway Ninebot Max Tire Size

A bicycle is two-wheeled personal transportation. Two-wheel personal transportation depends on its tires a lot because it has a small frame within limited weight. So, tires play an essential role in maintaining balance for every sized person.

Segway Ninebot max tire size is not small at all. That makes this bike an excellent addition to the consumer market. Segway Ninebot max tire size is 25.4 cm and can manage heavy-weight people easily.

Segway Ninebot Max Tire Size

Moreover, tire size gives this electric scooter a launch to reach a high acceleration of 25 mph in 5.4 seconds. Tire performance is also essential for a better braking system. The brake lever on the Segway Ninebot Max controls the front drum and the rear electronic brake.

They work together to provide an excessive braking system if one brake fails. Drum brakes are one of our favorite types of brakes because they require no maintenance. The braking mechanism is completely enclosed within the wheel, shielding it from the elements and accidental damage.

Segway Ninebot Max Battery

An electric scooter depends all on the battery system. Suppose a rider needs to charge an electric scooter again and again. Then electric scooter is nothing but a failure. Segway Ninebot max battery has won my heart with its absolute performance.

Segway Ninebot max battery is a high-performance 36 v battery. This battery gives the power of 551 Wh to the system. Segway Ninebot max battery is located under the deck. The Ninebot Max’s deck has a good standing space and has a rubber surface. The deck of the scooter is 17.4 cm wide and 50.3 cm long.

Battery performance is also very reliable. It can cover the range of 65 KM in a single charge. It has three different riding modes. Segway Ninebot Max Battery Life depends on the riding modes also. Eco, standard, and sports modes are available in the Segway Ninebot max. Battery performance in sports mode is much less than the standard model.

Segway Ninebot Max Accessories

Segway Ninebot max comes with different accessories in the package. Some things are out of the package. But it is necessary to have them as well. Segway Ninebot max has changed the consumer market of electric scooters.

Although, Segway Ninebot max is already a perfect piece of tech by Ninebot. Still, the market has introduced several Segway Ninebot max accessories. People love to give their rides a savvy look. First, look at the Segway Ninebot accessories that are part of the package or that are launched by Segway Ninebot.

Segway Ninebot Max Seat

Segway Ninebot max seat is not a part of the package, but Segway launched it officially. I have tried many electric scooters to date. Most electric scooters don’t have much space to adjust their seat. Some scooters also don’t have enough quality on their frame to adjust the seat on it.

That is not the case with Segway Ninebot max. Although, Segway Ninebot max seat is not permanently installed on the scooter. Because the scooter is used for short commutes, people like to ride without Segway Ninebot max seat.

Segway Ninebot Max Seat

Still, Segway has launched a seat for the Segway Ninebot max. Its seat is available on the official store of Segway Ninebot online. It was not much expensive. It is also made of high-quality and technical material. Segway Ninebot max seat can be easily installed on the standing area of the scooter.

This seat has four bolts on the sides made of high quality. Segway Ninebot max seat can bear the weight up to 220 lbs. This seat is made of a high elastic foam cushion with thermoforming and leather coating. The seat is adjustable as per the requirement of the rider’s height. Also, it is easily foldable with the frame.

Segway Ninebot Max Charger

Segway Ninebot max charger is a must-have accessory that comes with the package. Segway has not launched max with ordinary chargers that are consisted of adapters and cables. It has kept this as simple as it should be to become a portable device.

Segway Ninebot max comes with a single charging cable. Segway Ninebot, Max Charging cable, has a permanent switch at one end and a plug-in shoe at the other end. The Ninebot Max includes a designed DC converter with an IEC 320 C5 “Mickey Mouse ears” power port, so you can charge your scooter with any cable that has this connector.

There is also a standard DC port that can be used with the included charger. This means you don’t have to carry around a bulky charging pack with a DC converter because you can use a relatively inexpensive and basic power cable for portable charging on the go.

Segway Ninebot Max Lock

Segway Ninebot Max Lock is an added feature in the smart app. You can lock your Segway Ninebot max by using your connected Ninebot smart app. It will prevent anyone from riding it away. Also, this lock cannot prevent the electric scooter from being carried away.

It can only restrict its working. That’s why several Segway Ninebot max locks are available in the market. They are of a different kind. But the most recommended Segway Ninebot max lock is a 5-digit combination cable lock. This 5-digit cable lock is reliable for many reasons. It has many features in it.

Segway Ninebot Max App

Segway Ninebot has introduced an excellent smart app connectivity option for its products. You can install the app on your smart device. This app is straightforward to be connected to Segway Ninebot max scooter.

The Segway Ninebot app connects your products to your phone for various great features and improvements. From switching riding modes and changing coloured lights to unlocking units, viewing mileage, and tracking speed and battery levels. You can use your Segway Ninebot max scooter as an intelligent scooter by using this excellent app.

These accessories are part of the package. Some of them are not part of the package but are launched by Segway Ninebot. Now I will tell my experience of using other Segway Ninebot accessories. These accessories are available in the market in huge numbers.

Segway Ninebot Phone and Camera Holder

The phone and camera mount are easily installable on the handlebar’s top. Segway Ninebot max can be used as a GoPro recording scooter. We can install the holder, set our GoPro action camera in it, and that can record the mind-blowing videos through it while riding this electric scooter. It can also hold the phone in front of you if you need live navigation for commuting.

Hanger Hook

The most used accessory for the Segway Ninebot max is a pothook. This pothook can be easily installed in the long front bar inside. This hook can carry different things such as helmets and shopping bags. This pothook helps hang and carry different things.

Folding Cushion Damper Pad

These cushion pads can be installed into the hinge. These cushion pads will prevent the vibration during hard hits to reach the handle you hold. Although, these cushions are not meant for max because max can already prevent it.

How long does Segway Ninebot Max last?

That depends on the mode you are riding. In a standard mode, While Segway claims the scooter can travel up to 40 miles (65 kilometers) on a single full battery charge, we believe the rating is a little too optimistic. So, in real-world scenarios, expect it to have a maximum range of about 25, maybe 30 miles at most.

Can I use Segway Ninebot max without the phone?

Yes, you can use it without your phone and connected app. You just need to push the power button to turn it on. Hands-on throttle, and there you go!

How often should I charge my Ninebot Max?

When storing your electric scooter for an extended period, make sure the battery is charged at least 40-50 percent. It is recommended that you recharge your scooter at least once every 30 days. Leaving your scooter uncharged for about three months will result in a permanent loss of battery function.

Can you ride a Segway-Ninebot max in the rain?

With some exceptions, cruising your Segway Ninebot Max in the rain is perfectly safe. A drizzle that you do not even mind being outside in is fine. These products are engineered to survive splashes of raindrops from all directions.

How long do Segway tires last?

Segway tires are renowned for becoming slick, and the tubes frequently dry rot after around five years. There are two ways to repair a flat tire: replace the entire wheel, tire, and tube or simply replace the tire and tube with parts.

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